Belize Company Formation

Belize company formation - we will incorporate your company quickly and you will receive all original documents by courier service to a given address.

If you are looking for an alternative to incorporate your business in an offshore jurisdiction then Belize (close to the Mexican boarder) is a good choice.

To incorporate your business in Belize it doesn’t requires much, a copy of passport and utility bill is all what you need.

About Belize
Belize, only 8,867 square miles in size, is situated on the northeast coast of Central America. The Caribbean Sea lies to the east and from the air its turquoise waters are clear, allowing the multicolored coral formation of the Great Barrier Reef to be easily observed. Coral islands called cayes, covered with stands of mangrove trees, dot the coast. Lying in aquamarine and jade-colored bays, these cayes protect the jungled coastline from the ravages of the sea. Belize Company Formation

North of Belize lies the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The Rio Hondo, which empties into Chetumal Bay, is the border between the two countries. The eastern border is demarcated by a surveyed line through the jungle separating Belize from the El Peten Department of Guatemala. To the south, the Belize/Guatemalan border is the Rio Sarstoon which flows east to the Caribbean Sea. The country is divided by the eastward flowing Belize River which is a major transportation route for native goods. The north half of the country is made up of synclinal folds of low lying, parallel limestone ridges running NNE to SSW. These jungle covered bridges are the spines of fossil coral reefs. In the valleys between run the perennial rivers, the Hondo, Nuevo, and Freshwater Creek. The Northern Peten and Campeche Regions of the Yucatan are drained by these river basins. This area, known as the “Maya Heartland,” contains the classic Maya center of Tikal as well as many minor ceremonial centers and hundreds of occupation sites. The lagoons along the Nuevo River and Freshwater Creek are also areas of Maya site concentration. Great mangrove swamps line the northern coast, extend inland for many miles, and cover much of the northern district. For information on getting from Cancun to Corozal and Belize

Belize Company Formation

The Economy:
A number of Government and international development agencies are involved in assisting the Government of Belize in its development through economic cooperation programs. These include the U.K. Government, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), CARE, United Nations agencies, the European Development Fund (EDF) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The economy of Belize was traditionally based on forestry, mainly the export of logwood, mahogany and chicle. The country’s economy is now based on agricultural development. But in recent years there has been resurgence in forestry. The main exports arc sugar, citrus, bananas, fish products (mainly lobster), timber and garments.

Dairy farming is growing in importance and the livestock industry continues to grow.

Several oil companies hold exploration or prospecting licenses. Oil was discovered in the north of the country in 1981, but not in commercial quantities.

Tax concessions and other incentives encourage the development and diversification of manufacturing industries which include clothing and textiles for export, plywood and veneer manufacturing, matches, beer, rum, soft drinks, furniture, boat building, and battery assembly.

Customs duties account for more than half of total revenue. The next important source is income tax, which accounts for more than a third. The main items of expenditure are agriculture, public works, education and defense. Belize does not receive any external aid for its recurrent revenue. Capital expenditure is financed through economic cooperation programs with the U.K., Canada and U.S.A. and the loans from the Caribbean Development Bank. Belize received Bz. S20.0 million under U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative to assist in private and public sector projects.

Area 22,963 sq km (8,866 sq. miles) slightly larger than Massachusetts. Capital: Belmopan (pop. 4,500). Belize borders the Caribbean Sea along the eastern shore of Central America just below the Yucatan Peninsula. It is bounded on the north and west by Mexico and on the south and west by Guatemala

Currency and Banking:
The currency unit is the Belize Dollar (Bz$). The fixed rate of exchange is Bz. $2.0 to US $1.0 There are four commercial banks (the Belize Bank Ltd., Barclays Bank PLC, the Bank of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Bank Ltd.), and a Government Savings Bank.

A Central Bank has been set up to replace the Monetary Authority of Belize. Recent amendments to the Banking Act permit offshore banking.

Formerly known as British Honduras
Belize is one of the most popular and affordable offshore jurisdictions in the world. They are heavily advertised on social media and other online message boards and forums.

Although there are a few disadvantages for opening an offshore company in Belize, they are still widely recognized and preferred by many because of the low cost they offer to clients. And the country is also stable.

More Information about the Belize Company Formation!
Belize is an independent country that offers low incorporation costs to clients. Their IBC’s as well as their non-resident directors are exempted from taxes. What the set includes are: the memorandum and articles of association, registration fees, license fees, issued share certificates, minutes appointing first director, registered office fee, minutes appointing first shareholders, and the current year registered agent.

One advantage of opening an offshore company in Belize is it is easy to open bank accounts, purchase real estate properties, or set up a business brand. Other jurisdictions do not offer this.

belize company formation

Requirements for a Belize Company Formation
Belize is a country that is located in Central America. It has a population of approximately 300,000 but the growth rate is high, approximately 3% of the entire population per annum. Due to this increase in population, Belize is a viable country for business. The first step for starting a business would be to register the company. The Belize government has set a number of requirements for any individual who plans to register a company in Belize. These requirements are mainly set to regulate the company standards and ensure that the playground is level for all the companies in Belize.

The requirements for registration required by the Belize company are listed in the company Act that regulates international business that was enacted in 1990. This act is part of the British common law that applies in many states that were colonized by the British. The act states that once the proprietors of the company meet the requirements, the incorporation should be effected immediately. However, due to the technicalities involved in the registration, it takes a day or two to complete the registration process. The most unique thing about the registration of a company in Belize is that the names of the shareholders and directors are not filed with the authorities in Belize. They are only concerned with the business meeting the requirements of the land. They do not interfere with the management of private entities.

The requirements for a Belize Company Formation include, a director for the company where a single director whether privately or a corporate is enough. One or more shareholders who are the director as well could also act as a shareholder and no secretary is required. The main requirement of the company organization is the director. The director does not need to be a citizen in Belize for them to obtain a certificate of incorporation.

An advantage of a Belize Company Formation is that there is no payment of tax for international businesses. This tax exemption of international businesses has made many company proprietors to register Belize company since the returns are not taxable; this is a friendly business environment. For the companies that operate in Belize only, tax is not exempted and they are required to register at the income tax offices. There is another tax for such companies, the general sales tax.

However, a Belize Company Formation does not require much money. With 1000 Belize dollars, you can register a company. However, there are other requirements that must be met by international companies like a minimum of $50,000 in share capital and there should be a dividend offered at $1 to at least one shareholder. The authorities in Belize might require a number of supporting documents while registering a company. These may include the articles and memorandum of association as well as the letter of appointment that was issued to the director. Other optional documents would include share certificates for shareholders, which will help the government in settling any disputes that would arise in the company.

Belize Company Formation

There is a Renewal Fee that has to be paid every 12 months in order to keep the company in good standing.
The company has to be renewed every year the 2nd of January regardless when it is registered!

The Renewal Fee is EUR 850,-

Is not required, unless you need this for other purpose it can be ordered by our staff.

  • Corporate Nominee Shareholder € 450
  • Corporate Nominee Director € 550
  • Private Nominee Director €950
  • Power of Attorney € 250
  • Opening of EMI Mister Tango or other EMI account € 650