BVI Company Formation

BVI Company Formation - we will help you to register your BVI company fast and secure. All incorporation documents will be send t your address by courier services.

For an alternative offshore jurisdiction in Europe the British Virgin Islands are a great opportunity for your business.

There are some requirements in order to incorporate your business in the BVI but with the help from professionals that not doing anything else it’s a quick process.

Other requirements of a company
before it is registered include a minimum of one director and one shareholder. This makes sure that there is a person who is answerable on behalf of the company and there is a beneficiary of the company. These two parties must be there for the company to be recognized as a legal entity as stated by the law of the land. Due to this reason, every company has to have a number of shares that are issued and the share certificates must be submitted to the authorities as proof that the company has met the share requirements. Share certificates also show that a company is capable of operating in the capacity that it has stated in its documents of operation.

The domicile of the company management
does not have to be in the British territory. This makes it favorable for foreign investors. There are allowances for using an agent to register a company on behalf of an individual. This mainly happens for the individuals who seek anonymity. With these allowances, registering a company in the BVI becomes easy. The management should always ensure that they register with the income tax department. This avoids cases of tax evasion either by ignorance or lack of knowledge. This is why the company registrar requires a certificate of tax compliance.

There is a Renewal Fee that has to be paid every 12 months in order to keep the company in good standing.

The Renewal Fee is EUR 1095,-

Is not required, unless you need this for other purpose it can be ordered by our staff.

  • Corporate Nominee Shareholder € 450
  • Corporate Nominee Director € 550
  • Private Nominee Director €950
  • Power of Attorney € 250
  • Opening of EMI Mister Tango or other EMI Account € 550

More Information about the BVI Company Formation!
The BVI are islands that are located on the Caribbean Sea but they are part of the British territory. They are famous for their white sand beaches and serene environment. Since the British control the land, the British law applies. Registration of a company is stated under the Companies Act of the common law and it states that before a company is registered, it must meet a number of requirements that are set by the company regulatory authorities. Among the requirements that a company is supposed to meet are the business name and the registration of the same. This is done after the registrar of companies has approved the name. The name of the company does not have to be in English. The company can be registered with a name in any language. The entire process of registering a company takes an average time of one week. This depends on whether the company has met all the requirements that it is required to have.

In addition to the constitution of the company
the company management is required to submit a copy of the articles and the memorandum of association. These documents list down the procedures that are employed by the company in the running of the business. These documents also show the management structure of the company so that there is a point of reference at anytime that the authorities may want to confer to the company. A Physical address is essential in the registration of a company. This is because it assures the authorities of the place where they can look for the management of the company if the need to communicate with the company management arises.

BVI Company Formation