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OffshoreCorpGroup strive to get the best solution for your business! We are working hard to analyze and understand your business idea and what it is you want to setup. When you consider OffshoreCorpGroup as your preferred agent for all your offshore company formations, you will understand how valuable this is for your entire setup.


We have centuries of experience in the field and know exact what it is that fits for each business, regardless if it is an online business, a regular business selling everything from Auto parts to rockets or if it is a high demand for Internet Privacy you seek. We will have the solution for you either by forming a regular trading company or extend the entire setup with a Trust, Foundation or Fund.


OffshoreCorpGroup will be able to appoint and insert a nominee director or shareholder that will offer an additional layer of privacy protection. If you need to secure your assets, this is one of the first methods to start.┬áBy appointing nominees you don’t just make it complicated for anyone to see who the real owner of a company is, no, you also make it complicated if a law suite or any authority want to get access to the companies assets. It’s one of the known methods to stop anyone to disturb you in your business as long as everything that is going on is legit. Our lawyers will to a risk management everytime they appointed as nominees.


OffshoreCorpGroup will recommend you to use the TOR browser for all your research and contact of Agents doing offshore company formation. If you are interested to keep total Internet Privacy you want to don’t ignore this. It is important that you don’t leave any tracks or anything that can lead to you if you want to protect your entity from lenders and creditors that try to access your information. Don’t be the dump, everyone knows Google and use it!┬áThat’s one of the biggest mistakes many people do. They ignore the simple fact that browsing using a regular browser like FirexFox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome leave a lot of data on the Internet, which is very simple for most to access. Also, when you communicate, use secure e-mail or create a Gmail, Yahoo or other e-mail account BUT use the TOR browser ONLY when accessing this e-mail. Don’t use personal information when you create accounts there are many anonymous e-mail accounts available that don’t require you to confirm anything.



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