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Apply for an Cyprus Bank Account today with the help from our staff. We are ready to complete your application today so you can start banking in a few business days…

When you open an account in Cyprus with the help from us we will also check your business case before we apply for an account with the bank.

It is not possible for us to guarantee any account opening but we can say with an 99 accuracy if the bank will decline or approve the account.

Cyprus also has offshore internet banking
facilities which provide for multi-currency trading and investment accounts that can be accessed and operated through the internet. They also offer debit cards, for use in other countries. However, internet banking does not provide access to savings account. A number of documents generally need to be produced before opening a bank account in Cyprus, as is required in most other banks all over the world.

In order to open a bank account in Cyprus
you must be over 18, and be able to provide a proof of identity and local address, such as a passport. You can open a variety of accounts in Cyprus banks, from savings and current accounts, to foreign currency accounts. Even if you have moved permanently to Cyprus, it is always advisable to keep your bank account in any other country open, in case of future use. In fact, if you have a bank account in your native country, it always works out cheaper, rather than having to constantly convert the foreign currency. Most foreigners living in Cyprus maintain two bank accounts – one for everyday business and the other for international transactions.

More Information about the Cyprus Bank Account!
Even before arriving in Cyprus, a Cyprus Bank account can be opened from any overseas branch of a Cypriot bank. Whether you are a resident or a non-resident of the country, you are allowed to open bank accounts in Cyprus. However, it is a safer bet to open the account in person, rather than though correspondence. If you are opening an account in a foreign branch of a Cypriot bank, or in a foreign bank operating in Cyprus, it is important to get your signature authorized before the account is opened. The Bank of Cyprus, for instance, has several branches abroad.


  1. copy of passport not expired
  2. copy of utility bill not older than 3 months and in English or translation is required
  3. CV for each owner and director
  4. Analytics Professional Resume, find template here
  5. business description
  6. all incorporation documents with apostille and notarized if it’s an corporate account

Before opening a bank account in Cyprus
you must collect adequate information and compare the services of the different banks in Cyprus. Before choosing the Cyprus bank in which you will open your account, it is always advisable to find out the fees required for personal accounts, overdrafts and other services like international money transfer, etc. Recommendations may also be taken from friends, family or colleagues, with regard to banking services in Cyprus, before choosing the bank in Cyprus, in which you will open your account.

Cyprus bank account

There is nothing wrong in opening an offshore bank account and opening up a new business or shifting your existing business to an offshore location. Individuals and businesses have been doing it to years now and enjoying great benefits from it.

There is no shortage of ideal offshore locations, Cyprus bank account which you can choose to enjoy great benefits like minimum taxes, maximum privacy, and greater market access. When it comes to shifting your business to an offshore location, you may have to decide choosing between Cyprus, Panama, Hong Kong, and UAE. All of these offshore locations offer unique benefits to the business owners and individuals. If you decide to move your existing business to Cyprus or start a new one, the first thing that you need to look for is facilitating your business with banking options.

It is mandatory to open up an account before you can even think about moving your business in Cyprus. Many companies can help you open up a new Cyprus bank account in the offshore jurisdiction of your choice but fail to support and help you later on. You need to make sure to find the best company who has several years of experience in shifting businesses to Cyprus with a Cyprus bank account. You do not want to face any legal complications while shifting your business to a new offshore location nor do you want to have any hassles to get things done later i.e. tax reporting, accounting and all other stuff, you need an agent that handles it all for you.

Your business advisor should be well versed with the rules and regulations of doing business in Cyprus. The more experience he/she has in this field the better for you and your business.

Your business advisor will also help you through the entire application process in to get it right done from the beginning. With his /her help, you will be able to open up your first bank account in Cyprus in a matter of no time. The great benefits is that you can enjoy greater privacy and greater return on your savings.