Cyprus Company Formation for your start in Europe

We will help you to register your company in Cyprus, you don’t need to travel, everything is handled by e-mail.

If your business is ready to cross the European boarders a Cyprus company formation is ideal for yor new business.

All the biggest companies have a branch or are even headquartered in Cyprus because of the lowest tax rate in Europe.

Some simple facts about Cyprus Company Formation:

  • The corporate tax is 12,5%
  • Accounting must be kept at the companies address and maintained
  • Filing of annual tax reports is required
  • Accounting and Filinf of the tax report is not included in the fee, we can help you with this at additional costs

If you are still unsure about what company may be the best for your situation and business you are welcome to contact us to clarify your needs. We will be more then happy to help you with advise and help. We know it is not easy to get started with an offshore company regardless of what jurisdiction you look at that’s why you need a company like ours to help you out.

Cyprus Company Formation

Cyprus, located at the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean
is often said to be at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The legal system in Cyprus is based on British law, and all statutes regulating business matters are based on English Common law. Cyprus is an important offshore and onshore business centre, with great business facilities. This has lead to the formation of thousands of offshore companies in Cyprus. Since Cyprus is very well-connected by air, and has a great communications network, it is also a very convenient place for company formation.

Cyprus Company formation has several tax advantages: There is only a 10% declared corporate profit tax, and dividends to shareholders are free. Double tax treaties have also been signed between Cyprus and 38 other countries including Ukraine and Russia. Nominee services allow the owner of the Cyprus Company to remain anonymous. The inclusion of Cyprus into the European Union (EU) has made Cyprus Company Incorporation attractive from the tax perspective.

More Information about the Cyprus Company Formation!
When you consider a Cyprus company formation you will need to make some research on your needs. What exactly is it you are going to use this company for and what exactly is your budget to setup a company for your business activity.

Most of our clients have already made a business plan before they consider a Cyprus company formation, some don’t. Regardless of what you have done then we will try to help you with free advise and free support to learn what exactly it is you require and what it is you will need to archieve your goals.

Our company is specialized in the formation of companies in Cyprus for Internet Marketers, we have a broad knowledge about what the requirements are in order to run a successful business on the Internet. Also we know what additional service there may be required once the company formation took place. In this case we look at the opening of real business bank accounts for instant in Cyprus and with a Visa or MasterCard Debit Card.

Others may require a PayPal account for their business needs as well as multiple bank accounts to spread their risk, all this we get covered when you choose us for your Cyprus company Formation. We take your business to the next level and don’t leave you where others do.

Cyprus company formation

Although there is a reasonably high occurrence of corruption
as well as a lack of competitive spirit among companies, Cyprus Company Formation is still an advisable alternative as a Cypriot company is ideal for investment purposes. It is important, however, to hold a bank account in Cyprus, before undertaking company formation in Cyprus. Because of the beneficial business laws, Cyprus Company Incorporation is reliable, as both onshore and offshore companies are now taxed on the same basis.

There are, very honestly, little or no reports of dissatisfaction among those who have risked company formation in an island-country like Cyprus. The laws imposed by the Government ensure that such business ventures undertaken by entrepreneurs all over the world, are given sufficient benefits and incentives that will further motivate them to contribute towards the Cypriot economy. Cyprus Offshore Company formation is by no means a difficult job. Sufficient assistance is provided by the Cyprus Company Formation Agency (CCFA).

Company formation in Cyprus can be used to take maximum advantage of the double tax treaties existing between Cyprus and the 38 other companies. The combination od such double tax treaties, an the low tax regime has made Cyprus Company Incorporation a preferred option among budding entrepreneurs.

There is a Renewal Fee that has to be paid every 12 months in order to keep the company in good standing.

The Renewal Fee is EUR 1050,-

It is required to maintain accounting and filing of tax reports to the authorities in Cyprus. We can help you with both for an additional cost that depends on the number of transactions the company generate. Please contact us for more information.

  • Corporate Nominee Shareholder € 450
  • Corporate Nominee Director € 550
  • Private Nominee Director €950
  • Power of Attorney € 250
  • Opening of Cyprus Bank Account € 550
  • Opening of EMI account €450