Dominica Company Formation if your privacy matters, fast incorporation!

We will register your company quickly in Dominica with full privacy, there is no need to visit the country!

To incorporate your business in the Rebulic of Dominica is not difficult, experience how fast and easy you can incorporate your business in Dominica.

You get a high level of privacy when incorporating your business in Dominica, also it’s an flexible and easy to manage company.

More Information about the Dominica Company Formation!
Are you tired of the government taking all your money in taxes? Do you want to save your business’s
privacy from getting in the hands of others? Then you need a good offshore company. Therefore, in this
Dominica company formation guide, we are going to illustrate why you should create your company in
Dominica, what it will require and why we can provide you the best solution.

Okay, what will it require?
To open your own IBC (International Business Company) company under the IBC Act of 1996, you should
make sure of the following things:

  • All members of the company must not be residents of Dominica.
  • All members must be residents of foreign countries.
  • The company name that you choose must not be offensive, derogatory or insulting in any
  • A single individual can open a company.
  • You must state an authorized share capital.
  • Ending of the company name can be chosen from – Limited (Ltd), Incorporated (Inc), Corporation
    (Corp.) And Sociedad Anonima (SA).
Dominica Company Formation

There is a Renewal Fee that has to be paid every 12 months in order to keep the company in good standing.

The Renewal Fee is EUR 1595,-

Is not required, unless you need this for other purpose it can be ordered by our staff.

  • Corporate Nominee Shareholder € 450
  • Corporate Nominee Director € 550
  • Private Nominee Director €950
  • Power of Attorney € 250
  • Opening of EMI Mister Tango or other EMI Account  € 550

So, why to choose Dominica?
Dominica is a very stable country with parliamentary democracy for over 30 years, it’s quite near to the
US and has English as its official language – if you want us to mention a few. Apart from these, the rules
for opening a company are easy, and taxation is almost nil.
But then what are the benefits for me?

There are several:
Your company will be easily incorporated with minimal procedures, and there is no limitation on
currency or share capital value.

  • No minimum paid capital is required.
  • You will receive a complete tax exemption for your money.
  • Your company’s details – like director’s name, shareholders and even real owner’s name – will not be shared with anyone.
  • You can use your company for multiple purposes. No one will stop you.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • Everything, from opening the company to setting up a bank account, can be done without your
Dominica Company Formation

Why choose OffshoreCorp Group Ltd
We at provide you the best services for Dominica company formation. You
don’t have to do anything and don’t have to go anywhere but just to buy the affordable company
formation package from us. Let’s learn how you can do so in few simple steps.

Here are the simple steps to get your own IBC Company

  1. Contact us through our email [email protected] or through our Skype ID
    offshorecorpgroup and we will provide you a company formation form.
  2. Fill that form completely and sent it back to us.
  3. After receiving your form, we will send you an invoice that you’ll have to pay. You can use your
    debit card, credit card or even Paypal to do that. We also accept bank wires as a payment option.
  4. Make sure to send the payment receipt quickly as time is very critical here.
  5. Once we receive your receipt, we will quickly start processing your order.
  6. We will then send you some papers to digitally sign. After signing, you will have to send them
    back to us as scanned documents by email.
  7. Within two or three days your company will be formed, and you will receive all the documents
    by a courier service like FedEx or UPS.
  8. Make sure to contact us for any information regarding Dominica company formation and we will reply to
    you as soon as possible.