European Offshore Company - Cyprus the best European offshore jurisdiction for businesses.

European Offshore Company - Cyprus is one of the best offshore jurisdictions in Europe for businesses all around the world.

European Offshore Company formation is for small and medium sized business in need to cross the European boarder and start doing business in Europe.

We have quickly collect some of the most important information of one of the best offshore jurisdicions in Europe for you.

Guide To Setting Up A European Offshore Company

There are simply too many advantages of setting up an offshore company, especially if you are based out of Europe and not doing so is merely cutting a share of the pie and throwing it away to waste.

Especially when you consider the fact that in today’s day and age, it merely takes an Internet connection and a credit card to setup a shell organization. Today it is not just the ultra rich who are doing this but most anyone who values the money they have made and anyone who wants to protect their assets, monetary or otherwise.

Along with crucial tax benefits, such an operation also provides an individual or an organization with complete privacy in which to do their business. The circumstances that are created are virtually the dream of a capitalist. A society that has evolved around running a business. For instance it allows a company to deal with another company that might not have a good reputation in the market while avoiding the public eye. Dealing from a tax haven makes such a deal completely legal but away from the prying eyes of the public and the media.

The best part of such an operation is that none of this is illegal as long as you are paying all the taxes in the place of jurisdiction. You are guaranteed protection of your assets, separation of wealth from operating capital and flexible exchange convertibility.

In tax havens like Cyprus and Panama, forming a shell company is ridiculously easy with VAT numbers being provided to all tax resident individuals and corporations. This also allows new opportunities for a corporation in the form of foreign investment in the offshore state.

Benefits of a European offshore company

The most obvious benefit and the one that attracts businesses the most is the advantage that a drastically lower tax rate provides. A lower rate of tax as compared to the parent country allows for better tax planning and considering that some countries like Cyprus have the lowest tax rate in the EU, this kind of advantage would be regretful to forego.

Along with lower tax rates come additional tax advantages and the ability to run the operation in the most effortless manners, with corporate accounts being opened on the fly, sometimes in minutes. The best part is that you do not even have to visit the offshore location to complete such a deal.

Many jurisdictions also have double tax treaties in place, whereby you do not need to pay tax in more than one country. Such kind of agreements allows you to eliminate withholding taxes on things like interests, dividends, royalties and even capital gains.

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Most popular European offshore destinations

There are plenty of lucrative offshore operations in Europe like Latvia, Holland, Luxembourg, Poland etc. but most of the action is based out of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which has long been considered one of the most lucrative options for such a business operation.