F.A.Q. Offshore Company Formation

What are the requirements to register a Offshore company?

For all offshore jurisdiction in which we operate the following apply unless we have informed you of something different:

We will need:

  1. copy of valid passport need to be notarized!
  2. copy of utility bill not older than 3 months and in English and notarized if translated
  3. 4 -5 lines business description going in details about the acitivity of the company
  4. 3 by you accepted company names, the names you want the company to be, only 1 name will be used
  5. explanation of what each company name stands for
  6. When you notarize your passport copy and utility bill make sure it is in English!

1. The passport copy must be certified with the wording “True copy of the original’ or
an equivalent and acceptable wording in line with what we have pointed out.

All certification must be in English but if not, same must be officially translated.

Utility bill:
2. The document appearing as the evidence of residential address must be in English.
Again, all documents that are not in English must be officially translated.

Is accounting required for my offshore company?

Generally speaking no, there is no requirement even if you get asked to provide an address where accounting is kept no one will ever ask for it anyway.

The are exceptions like Cyprus which requires you to maintain accounting and filing tax reports, ask us if you are unsure about the conditions for your offshore company.

Can you help with accounting and filing of audited tax reports?

Yes, where it is required we can help with it. Typically Cyprus is such a jurisdiction where it will be required and where we can help you to maintain accounting and the filing of tax reports.

Is Adult business allowed when forming an offshore company?

Well, generally speaking it is not a problem if you are into Adult Entertainment business. You will need to ask us what conditions apply for the jurisdiction you want to incorporate your business.

Can you help to open a Merchant Account for credit card processing?

For certain offshore jurisdiction i.e. BVI, Cyprus and Gibraltar we may be able to help you to apply for a merchant account for accepting credit cards on your website. This task is outsourced to a merchant account provider we work with so we will not be able to make any guarantees or make our services dependent on the final approval of your Merchant Account.

Does all jurisdiction offer the same level of privacy & anonymity?

No, defiantly no. You will need to ask us what privacy level apply for the jurisdiction where you plan to incorporate your business.

Seychelles offers the highest level of privacy and anonymity without the use of nominee director and shareholders.

Can you provide Nominee Director and Shareholder for my new offshore company?

Yes we can provide a nominee director and/or shareholder for your offshore company in all jurisdiction that we operate. We only offer this service to companies we have incorporated.

F.A.Q. Conditions

Refund Policy

OffshoreCorpGroup.Com is not under any circumstances obligated to refund any payment made by the Company for rendering of consultants work. The fees mentioned in any contract signed by the client(you) are for the time spend by our consultant’s or are estimates which always must need to cover our consultants expenses.

Will you refund if the bank close my account?

No, we will not make any refund regardless what the reason is for why the bank may have closed your account. The fee we charge for the bank account opening is for time spend and not for any product.

Will you refund the money for Merchant Account, Company and bank account if the Merchant Account declines?

No, generally speaking we don’t make any of our services depending on each other and we don’t offer any refunds if one of our services decline because of your business case or your personal data.

Can I call someone at OffshoreCorpGroup Ltd?

We don’t have phone support, but please don’t take this as a lack of interest! We’d love to help you. Many of the answers to your question can be found in this support site. If you still need help after reviewing this content, please send us an email.

F.A.Q. Services

What are the requirements to open a personal bank account in Cyprus?

We will need the following documents from you:

  1. copy of valid passport
  2. copy of a utility bill not older than 3 months
  3. CV
  4. Tax Identification number for your country
  5. Business description or description about what you are going to use the account for

All this has to be submitted to us in 1 e-mail and not by Skype since we need to keep track of it.


What are the requirements to open a business bank account in Cyprus?

Check the requirements in the F.A.Q. above this one for personal accounts, we will need the listed requirements there + the below documents:

  1. All incorporation documents with apostille and notarized
  2. If the company is more than 6 months old we will need a Certificate of Incumbency
  3. Clear business description
What is included in the Cyprus bank account package?

When you order the bank account you will receive an initial bank application from us, there you will tick the services you require.

Optional services are:

  • Visa or MasterCard debit card
  • Multi Currency accounts i.e. USD, GBP, EUR and more
  • Internet banking in English
  • Day to Day Bank IBAN Transfers
  • SWIFT Transfers
  • Token Device to access your bank accont
Can I call or contact the bank directly once I made the payment and during the application process?

The answer is NO, defiantly no, if you are doing so, we will terminate the business relationship immediately and not refund any fees that have been paid.

There are basic and elementary rules on how this introducer / client relationship works, one of them is to understand they (the bank) have every right to request any additional information they deem appropriate, and we will either provide it, or they close the accounts, and no point there is any right given to you to contact them directly. If you have questions you can ask your account manager at any time.

F.A.Q. From the real live!

May i know the cons for company formation in Belize compare to Seychelles?

Can you please advise me between Belize and Seychelles?
Belize offers a better privacy in regards to public register, you can’t lookup beneficial owner information on a Belize corp. This is possible with a Seychelles company since Febr. This year.

Otherwise it is exact the same.


May i know the purpose for nominee director?

It’s a very brought question, in 99% of all setups there is no need of nominees.
Just to give you one example, people use them for risky setups where their own name should not appear on contract etc.

It’s useless for bank account opening, the bank will know your name. So you won’t be able to hide your identity towards the bank if you insert nominees!

If i wish to setup a second company in Belize, then the adress of both companies will be the same?

In addition, 
So of i were to use a nominee director, i would not be able to open a bank account, correct?

You can use the same nominee for several companies it is not a problem you can even open several companies yourself and open bank accounts for each company. The bank is aware of such issues and is fine with it.

Need bank account for crypto exchanges and Crypto business in general, can you help?

At the moment we are unable to help you with the bank account opening for such business. The banks we work with are mainly located in Cyprus and they don’t accept Crypto business at all.

However, we can reffer you to a digital bank when you incorporate a company through us, and only if you do so. There is no need to e-mail us for the name of the banks we will not provide it.