Offshore Company F.A.Q

Below you find the most important questions you may ask when you are into a Offshore Company Formation.

Requirements to incorporate a offshore company?

The requirements for a offshore company formation are as per the following:

  1. copy of valid passport
  2. copy of a utility bill not older than 3 months
  3. copy of bank statement not older than 3 months
What is a nominee director?

Nominee directors and corporations serving as directors (corporate directors) can also be misused to conceal the identity of the beneficial owner, and their use renders director information reported to the companies registry less useful. Nominee directors appear as a director on all company documents and in official registries (if any) (for instant Seychelles and Belize don’t have such) but pass on all duties required to be performed by a director to the beneficial owner of the company. In many jurisdictions, the nominee or corporate director is not required to own shares in the company in which it serves as a director.

What is a PoA?

A PoA is a Power of attorney and used when you are not in control of the company because you have appointed a Director. In this case you need a PoA to get control back.

Do I need to travel to register a Offshore Company?

No there is no need to travel to incorporate a offshore company, everything is handled by Skype & E-Mail.