Offshore Company for your online business.

You may want to consider to incorporate a offshore company for your online business in order to gain 100% Internet Privacy.


Why is it called Offshore Company?

The reason for why it is called an Offshore company is that the business is located in a jurisdiction which most often don’t have any corporate tax or very little tax and it is protecting their owner’s privacy because it’s almost impossible to find out who the company owner is and what assets it is holding.


Where can I register the company offshore?

To register the company offshore, you only need to find a jurisdiction that is considered to be offshore; that’s for instant jurisdictions like Cook Islands, Seychelles, Belize and so on. It is general speaking any jurisdiction that offers excellent protection of their owners and where no corporate tax has to be paid. So if you want to register your company in an offshore jurisdiction, then you may look for professional help to complete your offshore company formation. We can assist you if you don’t know to start also with the filing of tax, preparing accounting and everything else you need to maintain your company.


The requirements!

The requirements for an Offshore company formation are simply, you just need to supply us with a valid passport copy and a utility bill not older than three months, this could also be a bank statement, mobile phone bill or landline bill. The documents will only be kept by our company and will require several court orders to get released to any authority. It is impossible for any private person or organization to gain access to these documents.


Short info nominees

If you are thinking what are nominees we will quickly inform you here what this is. A nominee (can be a director or shareholder) is appointed when the beneficial owner doesn’t want to be public registered at the company. It can be a physical person, or it can be a corporation that is appointed. Most often it will be required to have a real person as nominee director for the signing of documents and for any other parts of the daily administration of the offshore company that will require a person to be present.


Offshore company and Tax

Most often an offshore company does not pay any tax nor has it to file any tax report or maintain accounting. If the offshore company has to manage accounting, it is most often not checked by any authority anywhere, so it isn’t worth the effort to prepare it. There are exceptions for instant low tax offshore jurisdiction will require maintaining accounting and filing of a tax report each year. If the company fail to provide both it gets simply taken off the registry.

offshore company

Cosider additional services.

You want to consider additional services once you have found the right offshore jurisdiction for your company. The failure most are doing when they start with the consideration of an offshore company is to think of tax, how can I avoid tax! That’s a big mistake by most. The entire setup of an offshore company should not be based on TAX but Internet Privacy, easier management of the enterprise on a daily basis, less administration, less accounting and less paperwork for the owner. You want to have more focus on your business activity rather than the administration of the company itself. So how do we achieve more of all of this you will ask? Easily enough. Choose an offshore jurisdiction where it is easy to incorporate.

Such jurisdictions are Belize, Seychelles, Cyprus and so forth. The next you want to make sure is that your Internet Privacy is granted, and you don’t have to worry about massive administration burdens. To achieve this, we will just appoint a nominee director and shareholder that will act on behalf of you and only as per instruction of you. If the right offshore jurisdiction is chosen there is no need to maintain any accounting, so check with your agent where it’s necessary and where not to maintain account and file tax each year.