Overseas Trust for asset and privacy protection, learn more

Learn how you can use such an entity to protect your assets and privacy with an simple task.

Overseas trust what is it?

Overseas Trust are entities that in the past only belong to very rich people and the high society. Today they are used by many international business people in order to protect their assets and privacy. Most often an overseas trust is used for the purpose of generation switch and to assure that no one after your death will get hands on your fortune. However, clever people have found out already that an overseas trust can help you to protect entire structures of companies and businesses. It is something any business man should consider to setup as paramount of the corporate structure.


How to setup a trust

To setup such an entity is simple, you just need to find an agent (we can hellp you) that is able to setup the trust for you in an offshore jurisdiction that actually protects your rights, the trust rights and comply to applicable international laws. There are many jurisdictions where all this is granted so the only you need to consider is what is the purpose of the overseas trust what shall it protect and for how long, typically it is in your live time and only for a short period after your death, however, you can agree this with the Trustee later on.

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How overseas trust protect you

An overseas trust protects you because it is a living trust and an entity total immune any law suites and court orders as long as nothing ilegal take place. While it is an overseas trust which you want to protect your assets, money and everything else you personally own or a simple company of your own then when the trust is established you transfer your property into your living trust so it’s protected. Anything can be transfered into a overseas trust. The only thing that need to be considered and that we can’t stress enough, is to use an Agent, lawfirm or other trusted person that actually knows how to setup your trust.

The costs to get established

The costs to establish such an entity including all documents, and what else you need to have a fully complient and legal trust setup starts at aprox €3800 - usually this amount covers it all. Sometimes it is required to appoint external people or extend the content of the overall documents to such an extend that we have to charge more, in this case we will inform you already before you get started with the process. It takes typically 3 - 5 weeks to have everything setup and the documents ready to be send to you by mail.

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